Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beth and her Owczarek

My Polish mountain sheep dogs

How it all began with my Owczarek- podhalanski
The first time I had dealings with this breed was in 1995.
And it was pure coincidence.
I was looking for a puppy as a playmate for my other dog.

In a newspaper was an advertisement to which I responded.
It was stated Tatra dog puppy for sale.
I myself had never heard of this breed.
I went to see and this was my first acquaintance with this breed.

We took her home and when she was with me, I deepened myself in the breed.

This is a breed with a strong character, and yet I have not a minute regret that I have taken her home.
When my first Tatra girl died, I  started searching for another puppy.

My choice was quickly made and in 2005 Artan of Queens Desire came into my life.

A small white ball of wool of eight weeks.
He was happy free and very enterprising.
Everywhere he went with me.

I decided to start taking him to shows, and we did that with so much pleasure.
Together we have visited several countries for the shows.
He therefore has many titles to his name.

We ended up with a breeder who had a litter to choose from and this time I wanted to go for a male.
I was screened whether I was suitable for a puppy of that breed.
I was able to get approval and I could pick a puppy.

He has had many experiences and that is what has made him as he is now - my best friend who follows me everywhere.
My white friend with a golden heart and character, sweet to everyone, man or beast.

But the trips to Poland were very special.
It was wonderful to getting to know the country a little better.
And to see that some of these dogs still working as a protector of the sheep
Together with friends I traveled to Zakopane Poland in 2006 for the world dog show.
From people I had heard there were puppies in Poland.

One afternoon we went to the breeder to look at the pups, and so it was that I went back to the Netherlands with two Tatra dogs.

Mackay is his name.

Only if he really knows the people he is friendly to them.With Artan they can rob my home and he's wagging his tail
But Mackay is a good guard dog, so they complement each other well.

A puppy that was quite different in character as Artan.
Strange people he does not like at all, and to this day this has not changed.

A dog who is very protective of his owner.

Four white bears that are all different in character but all have a golden heart.

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My third white bear came in October of that year to live with me

Barnej the Kaillhanes.

When Artan was asked to be used as stud, it wasvery special to go see the puppies.
With one of those puppies, I was immediately in love.And so it was that I traveled to France again to pick up the eight-week-old son of Artan.

Czcibor the Kailhannes made ​​my Tatra familly complete.

Two enjoy showing and two do not like it at all.
Not for a moment have I ever regretted my four bears.

They are my best friends and protectors.
They are my everything.

And living without them I can not imagine.
Once the white virus has infected you, it will never let you go.


  1. Hi, Katrina! What a wonderful story. It reflects all your love and kindness to your pets) My friend also has the same breed dog. It is one of the most sincere and kind animals in the world!