Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Australian maremma rescue stories

Australian Maremma Rescues

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Joey, 8 yrs adopted to working-companion home 2011.

Joey was surrendered to GAWS after her elderly owner could no longer manage her.

Donatella, 2 yrs adopted 2011 barked too much in suburbia.
(no photo available)

Daisy 6yrs adopted 2007, to many dogs didn't want her.
It's a amazing the 'reasons' people give for surrendering a dog.

Daisy is pictured at back in photo on left.

Victor, (pictured in front in top photo and pictured in bottom photo) 8-9 yrs, surrendered for being too old adopted 2010.
He was dumped at the RSPCA.

Can you believe someone could surrender a dog after this length of time, just because he as too old???

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