Saturday, June 23, 2012

Maremma Rescue Vic Australia

Rescue Maremma come to us through the pound & shelter system, as well as directly from owners. Some shelter dogs have been strays, others have been surrendered.
Some have been displaced during a relationship break up, owners move somewhere they canĂ¯¿½t keep a dog, and occasionally an owner may have passed away.

The majority of Maremma who come into Rescue were originally bought from pet shops, & knowingly sold into suburban homes. 

These dogs usually find themselves in Rescue because they have grown too big, shed too much hair, have become too protective, or bark too much for the suburban home. We are continually being told by owners that their cute white puppy has grown into a dog they did not expect to have and now can't keep.
Where ever our Rescues have come from, they are usually lovely dogs who adapt extremely well to a new family & environment, providing the new owner understands the breed and has the time to help the dog make the transition. The ideal home for most of our rescue dogs, is small acreage, where the dog can be a general farm/family companion & guardian.

Maremma puppies are unusual, very, very gorgeous & become victims of impulse buys when they are displayed in pet shop windows. 

Breed information is not usually supplied to unsuspecting buyers who think they have just bought a cute white puppy. 

The Maremma is a livestock guardian dog, very different to any ordinary dog, and needs a different upbringing from that of other pet dogs. Puppies raised in suburban homes are not usually successful, unless the owner is equipped with the right information from the outset. While there may be absolutely nothing wrong with the dog, he is genetically unsuited to an urban environment. People wanting to keep a Maremma in a suburban home, must have the time to raise & socialize the puppy according to the needs of the breed. 

Before considering taking on a Maremma, please do some research on the internet to get a good understanding of what the breed is all about.  Click here for an excellent online site about maremmas and read more in this site through the side links.

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  1. i had a wonderful maremma for 14yrs --- i would like to offer a home to a maremma needing adoption, am on 26 acres in the bendigo area and understand the maremma profile. i am happy to pick up within 150klm

  2. New web site is looking good. Thanks for the great effort.

  3. OMG I am having a crisis of the soul knowing that 2 doors down from me is a beautiful Maremma. This dog is confined to a small backyard, left by itself and not allowed to bark due to a fitted shock collar. The owners have gone overseas and apparently have no idea about the traits of their pet. For me this constitutes abuse. The fact that a working dog has absolutely been denied its very purpose and receives no attention apart from a lady who will go to feed it daily and walk it, has upset me considerably. To own a dog like this without addressing its needs is wrong. I want to try and talk to these people about giving up the dog to a more understanding human. These are wealthy middle class people who think because they can afford such a magnificent looking beast they can essentially just keep it locked up, feed it, and all will be well. I rescued 2 collies that were caged and had electric shock collars to prevent them going beyond a fence boundary when they were allowed out for a short time. These dogs were owned by a middle class religious minister who clearly knew nothing about animals and was happy for me to take them. The nervous anxiety created by the collars is still evident in the 10 year old female I still have, however my anxiety eats away at me everynight because I no longer hear a sound from the Maremma next door as it clearly is too frightened to bark. What good is it having a guard dog left alone on a property when the owners have gone and the dog is prevented from protecting even itself. The lady who is kind enough to attend to the dog said it took her a week for the dog to approach her in order to get the collar off to walk it. What is wrong with people. The ignorance and cruelty is mind boggling to me. Should I call the RSPCA and will they give a damn?