Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jill - success maremma rescue story

Maremma Rescue Jill's story

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Jill was a very sad case of shear neglect, she was not expected to make it but the vets contacted me and asked if I was willing to take her and give her a chance at life.

She arrived to me 2 days after receiving a blood
transfusion and was very timid and frail. Unable to stand and barely able to eat. She had been shaved as she was fully fly blown and bleeding from her bottom.

I carried her outside every few hours for the first few days and feed her small meals multiple times a day and lots of love and fresh air to take her time to gain her strength.

After 3 months she weighed a healthy 38 kilos
with a little more to gain which she has done in her new home.

Jill Dec 2011 adopted to companion home.

Jill was surrendered hours from death by her owners to Hallam vets in Melb.

They gave her a blood transfusion but did not expect her to make it as she
was not able to weight bear at all.
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  1. I hope that the people that did this to her, were severely punished!!!

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