Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cornelia's Slovensky Cuvacs

We live in Austria and I started with this breed when I got a nice and beautiful dog from a shelter.

I now have 6 Kuvacs from 5 months old to over 12 years old!

They live with me in the house and I'm breeding them and sometimes showing them.

Some are working as therapy dogs and you can see more about that at the link below.

Therapy dog teams Carinthia

They have a good life, they protect our house and garden and we go on long walks through the woods and mountains, and swim in rivers together.

You can see more about my dogs at my own website.


  1. This one is good. Keep up the good work I also visit here: and I get lot of information. weblink

  2. Greetings! Our little friends and protectors are those who will never let us down! Thanks for the topic dedicated to this issue!

  3. I love this breed! I have five adult dogs, and we only sent puppies to their new home. They are very friendly and love children - these qualities were enough to win my heart. Love them

  4. I never thought dogs can be a therapy. But it has a sense. Such kind and beautiful creatures can help to recover faster))