Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lisa's Pyrenees

My breed is pyrenean mountain dogs,

I also have a lhasa apso and am currently raising funds to rescue dogs from a romanian awful place.

I have had pyreneans since 1993 when I bought my first puppy unseen over the phone, and what a great ambassodor he was, Jovi named after my favourite group...

I have 10 pyreneans 4 dogs and 6 bitches
I have a show kennel and I breed the occassional litter, they all live outside in kennels except the oldest and my lhasa.

Mainly they are the love of my life and I dont know what I would do with out them.

I now well and truly have the pyrenean bug.

All my dogs stay with me until they die whether they are good enough to show or not.

You can read more about my dogs at my web site


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