Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Johns maremma story

What is your breed?
I breed maremmas or to use their full Italian name Cane da pastore Marammano-Abruzzese.

When did you start with these dogs?
 I got the first one in 1992 I think

What made you choose your breed?
 I breed angora goats and knew a lot of people who used them.

How many do you have?
That varies depending on whether we have puppies and at what stage they are. Currently there are 6 adults and 5 pups 

Describe how your dogs live with you:
I breed Angora goats and most of the dogs are paddock workers though I interact with them frequently. I am more than happy to talk about these dogs and always available for ongoing support.
I may not have all the answers but will give my opinion and help where I can!

With a relatively small property (approx 20 acres) and more than one maremma it is important that the dogs be versatile. Because the stock locations are constantly changing with the weather/season, husbandry needs and feed availability a dog needs to be able to be moved to a different situation/group of livestock with minimal fuss if required.

I usually have the dogs in pairs when out in the paddock but younger dogs need experience flying solo as well!

Also since we live on a busy highway I usually have a dog or two in the house yard.  Exactly who varies.

An example of this was when I recently needed to confine the current ‘houseyard’ dog as she’d just had surgery but this would leave the chooks unprotected and foxes are good at seeing a window of opportunity.
So I moved one of the paddock dogs into the house yard which also gives the young female he was with a turn at being on her own with her stock. 

John can be contacted by mobile phone: 0414988673
email: maremmano@mohair.net.au
Or his own great blog:  http://maremmano-morangoblogspot.com.au/

Thanks to John for a great look at his maremma family!

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