Friday, June 29, 2012

Michael's maremmas

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Michael kindly agreed to be interviewed to tell us about his dogs:

What is your breed? Maremma

When did you start with these dogs? 2003
What made you choose your breed? Was doing voluntary work for a rescue

How many do you have? Had 2 only 1 now

Midnight ( Middy ) came to me Via Maremma Rescue 4 years ago.
He was a bit of a mess , had to go threw a drug detox ( 2nd hand weed smoke) and a bit on the skinny side.

Well now Middy went from 22 Kg to 41Kg he is a lovable boy , who Owns the house inside n out . Even has his own bed n bedroom , a Chair n a 2 sitter couch in the lounge n a 3 sitter couch on the front deck where he spends the most of the day

He enjoys his walks n loves riding in the car.

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