Monday, June 25, 2012

Maremma Rescue Barney's story

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Maremmas get surrended up to pounds or to rescue for a huge range of reasons.

One of the most commno reasons is that people buy a maremma 'on a whim', seeing a cute fluffy puppy in a pet shop, and find that they have taken on something that is totally inappropriate for their actual situation.

A lot of people think they would like to get a puppy for their children. This sounds so nice, however the 8 week old maremma pup in a shop is going to be heavier than your chidren quickly, and yet be puppy-like in behaviour for at least a year. Large breeds like the maremma are actually slower to mature, and owners who do not understand dogs, often cannot control a large pup with young children (often they can't control those children well either, but that's another story...)

A responsible breeder will check the details of a prospective owner before accepting them to take one of their pups, but of course pet shops simply want a quick sale and will sell them to anyone.

Barney 6 months old, adopted 2012 to companion-working home. He was surrendered for being to much puppy for his original owners who had very young children.
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