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Komondor Breed Description

Description: The Komondor is a muscular flock Guardian and has a large bone structure. With a large head and a relatively short dark muzzle this breed, due to their coat, has a unique look. This breed has brown and medium-sized eyes that are dark and almond shaped. The breed has large triangular, elongated ears, with slightly rounded tips. Their teeth meet in a level or scissor bite. Their tail is long enough to reach the hocks. With a height of 25½ inches, and upwards, and a weight of 125 pounds, with the bitches being only slightly less, this is a big dog. This breed's body is covered in a felted and corded coat. This grows 8 to 11 inches in length and is always the colour white. Their colour helps them blend in while they protect the sheep, from any prey that may come upon the flock. This breed is a flock Guardian and working dog. This is a double coated dog, with the outer coat fusing with the undercoat giving us the corded look that hangs alongside the dog all overtheir body including the ears. It can take up to five years to reach the desired length. This breed has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.

History: The Komondor breed descends from the Tibetan dogs. This breed was thought to have come from Tibet 1000 years ago. How it got to Hungary is not entirely clear. Grave sites have been found with remains of this dog, belonging to Cumans, (Turkish speaking, nomadic people). It is thought these nomadic people settled in Hungary around about the 12th century. There is also written evidence from the time of King Astiagis in 1544. In more modern times, the breed has spread throughout the world. The Komondor has been competing in dog shows since1920. This breed protects the flock, rather than herding them. This dog was first recognized by the AKC in 1937. The breed has always been used to guard flocks. Their coat offers excellent protection from the weather and animals, that may attack. There are stories that in World War II, many of these dogs were killed, due to the fact they wouldn't give up the buildings they were in. so in order to allow the building to be captured, soldier had to shoot them. In Hungary today, this dog is quite a common sight.

Temperament: This breed can become a family pet, providing you have a good, firm, and naturally authoritative owner. This breed needs to be socialized well and trained thoroughly, and it requires to be raised with any children from the start. This breed is exceptionally protective, with a lot of confidence, as they watch over their flock, or family. The Komondors instinct is to protect, and they will attack wolves and bears, if they pose a threat to their flock. This dog has been bred to work and have an exceptionally high dominance level. They have a high territorial instinct that can affect people and other dogs and need exceptionally good leadership. This will require exceptionally good obedience training, as they are strong minded. Any owner will have to have that leadership status, and be experienced in dog ownership. This breed is easily bored, and need excellent physical and mental stimulation, daily. Setting clear rules is an absolute must, and this will help the dogbecome the best it can be.

Health issues: They can have hip dysplasia, bloat and skin problems.

Grooming: The Komondor must never be brushed or combed. The hair is divided into cords and trimmed as needed. This breed requires bathing infrequently, and the coat takes a long time to dry, from a few hours to a whole day, depending on the weather.

Living conditions: This dog is best suited to country environments, where long walks are available, as Komondors require extensive walking. This breed can live in an apartment, providing all the requirements of walking and mental stimulation are met.
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